Maximising Your Reach: 5 Ways to Market Your Podcast on Social Media

Maximising Your Reach: 5 Ways to Market Your Podcast on Social Media

In this digital age that we live in, social media has become an indispensable tool for promoting content. As a podcaster, social media provides a wonderful platform to increase your visibility to access to a wider audience. It allows you to engage directly with your listener, get feedback on your content, grow your audience and build community around your podcast.

In this article we will explore 5 ideas for content that you can share to your podcasts social media to increase engagement.

1. Share teasers or clips from your latest episodes.

One of the most effective ways to promote your podcast on social media is to share clips from future episodes. These short snippets give your audience a glimpse into what to expect in the episode and entice them to want to listen to the full version when it drops.

Tip: Be sure to add a call to action in your clip that allows them to know where they can find the podcast to listen to the full episode!

2. Share behind the scenes content from your recording process

Your audience is likely to be interested in what it takes to create the content they enjoy. Allowing them to get a glimpse into this will not only humanise the process but also increase their sense of community because you will have trusted them with  being a part of the process.

Tip: The BTS footage can also work to promote future episodes. You can tease the guests that will be on the episode and increase their curiosity for the upcoming episodes.

3. Share interesting takeaways from your episodes

These can be in the form of quotes that were said on the episode or you can share key points that were mentioned. This not only promotes the podcast, it also provides value for your audience.

Tip: Use your audience to help you promote your podcast. If the takeaway resonates with them, they are likely to share it in their circles as well, giving you access to new audience members.

4. Host lives on social media

An important part of promoting your podcast is creating community. This is one of the best ways to do that.

You can use live streams to answer questions that your audience might have based on previous episodes. You can also have follow up sessions with guests that were popular and allow your audience to ask them the questions that they had based on the episode.

Alternatively, you can have conversations on things that have nothing to do with the podcast. Share your thoughts on current affairs or your hobbies but allow your audience to learn more about you. This will go a long way in building a community around your podcast.

Tip: Use your face and real people on social media to create a sense of belonging! People identify with other people.

5. Share user-generated content

One of the easiest ways to share your podcast is sharing reviews from your audience. Share the feedback you get, share reviews or share their takeaways. You can also encourage your audience to create content. For example, ask them to share memes based on the topic covered in the episode. You can then re-share the content from them.

Sharing content from your audience shows that you care about their engagement and appreciate it. It will also help attract new listeners as they will want to understand the reference. Remember that if you share content from your audience, be sure to credit them for the content.

Tip: Make your listeners feel close to you. If you create the culture that if they share, they will be reposted or that you will engage with them, your audience will be more likely to share and engage.

Implementing the above strategies will help increase your visibility and help promote your podcast to a wider audience. Remember also, consistency is key. Ensure you have a schedule for posting your content on social media and be sure to engage with your audience.

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