How to Create a Podcast Trailer

How to Create a Podcast Trailer

What is a podcast trailer?

A podcast trailer is a short episode that tells your listeners what your show is about and why they should subscribe. Think of it like the movies. Before you watch a film, you have probably watched the trailer which highlights how the movie will be and get you excited to watch it when it finally airs.

The benefit of releasing your podcast trailer before officially launching your podcast is that you will have time to make sure that your podcast has been approved by all the podcast directories you have submitted to.

You will also be able to build hype around your show by using the podcast trailer as part of your promotion strategy. You can share this on social media to get a buzz around your upcoming show and even get subscribers before you launch. This is an added advantage because you will have a good number of listeners when you publish your first episode.

Another way that your podcast trailer can be used is through cross-promotion with other podcasts to help you get subscribers where they would insert your trailer into their episode as an advertisement.

When should I make my podcast trailer?

While it is common to make and publish the trailer before you have launched your podcast, it is not a hard and fast rule. You can create a podcast trailer even after you have several episodes published.

How do I create a podcast trailer?

  1. Keep it short and sweet. You can make one that is 30 seconds and can be used as advertisements on other podcasts, and another that is about 1 minute and a half that can live on your podcast page.
  2. You will include clips from your recorded episodes. This needs to be something that will grab the listener's attention and provide an accurate expectation of what your podcast will be like.
  3. Mention the name of the podcast early on.
  4. Provide a call to action to the listeners such as “subscribe” or follow us on social platforms

With the information above, you can go ahead and create your podcast trailer.