Does my business need a podcast?

Does my business need a podcast?

You might have been considering starting a podcast for your small business but you are not sure. The idea seems great, but will it benefit your small business? In this article I will highlight the benefits of starting a podcast for your business and this will give you a better idea on whether it’s the right thing for you.

As a medium, podcasting has gained a lot of popularity and the industry is growing. In their 2022 Podcast Industry Report, Insider Intelligence projects that “there will be 424.2 million podcast listeners worldwide in 2022, accounting for 20.3% of internet users and podcasting will be a $94.88 billion industry by 2028.” This means there are opportunities with this ‘new’ medium. But what should you consider before adopting podcasts for your business?

Your target market

Does your target market listen to podcasts? You will need to have a look at the demographics and behaviours of your consumer. Are they already in the audio space and engaging with podcasts or similar mediums? If this is a yes, then a business podcast could work for you.

New Audience

Podcasting can help you expand your reach and obtain a new audience. On social media, you could already have your community but there could be another whole audience that you have not tapped into yet that are ready to engage with you.

Low Barrier To Entry

Podcasting has a low barrier to entry and is an effective low cost marketing tool. Compared to television and radio, podcasting is easier to access and get started with. There is a slight learning curve in the beginning but after doing some research and getting practice on producing episodes, it gets easier to do. As a form of low cost marketing, there is still some investment involved in podcasting, such as equipment and time and the team that will do the recording and editing, however the cost is not nearly as much as using television or radio.

Establish Your Brand, Create and Spread Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness through podcasting can be different from other mediums. Sometimes it can be a subtle approach where your audience is listening to interesting storytelling but because it’s connected your brand it can be very memorable and can also encourage them to purchase what you are selling because it’s not done in a typical sales way.

Content can be repurposed

The content that you create with your podcast can be repurposed and used on your other social media platforms. This way, you are able to connect both communities and have your repurposed content can pull them to your podcasting page and they can engage with your brand more. From one episode, you’ll be able to get several snippets which serves as additional content that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

With the benefits mentioned above, you can see there are several reasons why a podcast could be a great idea for your business. You’ll be able to gain a new audience, keep your current audience engaged and all for a low cost but great impact.

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