Broadcast To Podcast Tutorial

Broadcast to podcast also known as B2P is the latest in Afripods technology that allows radio stations to save time and increase profits by capturing their programming and turning it into a podcast. Our simple solution allows radio stations to edit and distribute their content globally through all audio platforms that play podcasts in 5 simple steps.

The 5 steps involved in turning a Broadcast into a Podcast are;

1.Create a Podcast - Your podcast will be the home of your radio show . All of your episodes will be available on demand under your podcast name. Keep your account organized by creating a new podcast for each radio show.

2. Create a Station - Name your station and add a live stream url link to it.

3. Schedule Broadcast - Create a broadcast schedule that includes day, time, and duration for each of your shows, so that it is automatically recorded and saved in your Afripods Dashboard for future editing and publishing.

4. Edit Episode - Use Afripods' online editor in your dashboard to remove copywritten music and undesired segments from your broadcast recording and add desired segments such as intro's, outro's, jingles, advertisements and background music.

5. Publish episode - Your final and most important step is publishing your episode, because it makes your podcast available on demand for your listeners wherever they listen to their podcasts worldwide. You can promote your podcast or a particular episode by sharing its unique url or promoting it on social media.